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The Next Shyamalan

You have really good potential as a dark story writer. This is excellent work. Very dark, very mysterious, very blood chilling. My hat's off to you.

Celx-Requin responds:

- Celx


I'm a SW fanatic and I still found this flash to be perrfect! I loved the Monty Python bit... it was like Master Card, priceless. One point I found curious, they were on a cruiser, not a Trade Federation Battleship... other than that, this was awesome! All my 5 R belong 2 this!


Dude, I'm a friggen SW fanactical, and I gotta say, THAT KICKED ASS!!! friggen awesome! Can't wait for Part 2

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Would be better if the pulsing actually matched the rhythm. Pulsing does nothing but mess everything up, even going so far as to create deer-in-the-headlights by effectively blanking out the current obstacle if it's in contact with the middle, making it as if it's not there at all and leading to erroneous losses.
Also, wonky controls and unreliable hit detection lend to the game being less skill-oriented and more luck. I'd say about 80% of my good close-calls where more luck than good reflexes because of this.
Great music and concept, but I have to take a star each for these grievances.

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Meh. Not bad. Nothing exciting though.


Really annoying...no way to increase damage output as it seems, and enemies can effectively one shot you eventually. 6 for being annoying :/

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Not bad

Pretty darn skippy good. I give it an 8 of 10 because the song gets rather repetitive after a while. Despite this, I must give respect where respect is due. Good job, gal!

Pretty good...

But it gets a little confusing and trip-over-myself in a few parts.

DreamEater responds:

welcome to the world of dub-step...
shit'll have you trippin erywhere.

~Dj Sonik

Pretty good!

Pretty good, though not necessarily something I'd listen to over and over again. On that note, it loops VERY well!

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wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your review!

I made it for someone to use it in a game or in a movie for a short scene. I couldn't listen to it for an hour, too. ;D It's just a straightforward loop, not thought to be a complete song. If you download it, it loops perfectly, this flash player thing sometimes begins the song a bit too early or a bit too late if you put it on repeat.

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